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Apr 21

An 8th Birthday

Posted by: tamara

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Yesterday was Grace's 8th Birthday...I had wanted to post a message but as the day went on, it became increasingly hard for me to do so...

April 20th will always be Grace's birthday...a day to celebrate her incredible life...we found it fitting to gather with a few friends for balloons and pink cupcakes. Colin and I had McDonald's french fries for lunch and we made tacos for dinner. I thought how happy she would have been that this year; her birthday was on a Tuesday, a dance day! It is forever a day to think of how loving and how full of life she was, remembering her excitement for birthdays (whether it was hers or anyone else's) and cake!

It is, however, a difficult day because we cannot shake the feeling that she should be here, celebrating with us. All day yesterday, I tried so hard to focus on how happy she made us from the moment she was born, but all I could end up feeling was how sad I am that she is not here. I was so glad when it was time for the kids come and release the balloons, play on the play set and eat cupcakes! I thank you to all of our friends who remembered Grace and our family yesterday with kind gestures, thoughts and prayers.

I am sure that Grace was smiling and dancing as she celebrated in heaven while we celebrated here...maybe she is even having cake again today with fellow DIPG warrior Andrew ( for his 9th birthday! Someday, dear Grace, we will share cake together again!

"I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you..."
Ephesians 1:16